Last updated January 22, 2015.

Boston’s salsa dance socials offer a slightly different experience from the kind that you’ll find in the club venues. The dance socials tend to have more experienced dancers, and there’s no alcohol served, so the socials are for all-ages.

Additionally, some socials don’t offer lessons. They’re for people who just want to jump right into social dancing!

The Greater Boston area usually has at least one salsa social going on every month. Some of the listings below include videos where you can check out what the dancing is like.

Salsa Socials

  • Mambo Pica Pica Boston Social
    • 1st Sunday of every month.
    • Harvard Square.
    • A large room for salsa, and a smaller room for bachata, zouk, and kizomba.
  • Club Cubanos
    • 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.
    • Inman Square, Ryles Jazz Club.
    • Hosted by Masacote Entertainment.
    • Cuban salsa and timba music.
  • Fuego y Candela Social
    • 2nd Saturday of every month.
    • Central Square.
    • Salsa and cha-cha only.
  • Tambó Salsa Social
    • 3rd Saturday of every month.
    • Salsa, with a little bachata.
  • Salsa y Control Jam Session
    • Last Sunday of every month.
    • Central Square.
    • Salsa and cha-cha only.

Bachata Socials