This is a collection of interesting links related to Latin dancing in Boston, or just dancing in general.

Salsa Around the World

Did you know that salsa dancing is crazy popular all over the world? From Japan to London, from Alaska and even to Hawaii, salsa dancing has spread like fire and entrenched itself in major cities throughout the globe. We are a people without borders, united together by our common, singular burning passion for salsa dance and music! Share our love and passion. Salsa makes the world a better place!

Sites of Interest

    • A thorough website of West Coast Swing dance lessons and socials around Greater Boston!
  • The Boston/Cambridge Salsa Meetup Group
  • MASSabda
    • A Massachusetts non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ballroom dancing.
  • Nuevotec
    • Check out their videos of the 2009 Boston Salsa Congress, and the congress photos too!
  • The Salsa Beat Machine
    • A free online Flash app that can teach you about the instruments used in salsa, and how to find different rhythms (whether you dance On1 or On2).
  • Salsa Forums
    • A global community of salsa dance and music addicts to chat with!
  • The Salsa and Merengue Society
    • An excellent resource for learning more about salsa instruments and rhythm patterns. The site navigation can be pretty bad at times, and I don’t recommend learning salsa from the videos section, but the site offers some of the most detailed explanations of salsa rhythm patterns anywhere on the net (check out the timbales section below):
  • Salsa Session
    • A salsa music blog by DJ Walt. Not only is he a great salsa DJ, but he’s actually a really good salsa dancer too (I’ve seen him in action!).
  • SeaLatin
    • A site dedicated to educating people about Latin music and dance. Learn about various topics, from dance-floor etiquette and hygiene to discussions about musicality and connection to your partner.
  • Teddy Shoes
    • Located in Central Square in Cambridge MA, Teddy Shoes sells shoes for dancers, including salsa dancers! I personally wear a pair of women’s size 8 Bloch jazz shoes, and I got them at a good price there! And NO, I’m not getting any commission for recommending them ;)
      • By the way, if you’re going to buy jazz shoes for salsa dancing, I highly recommend that you get them a little smaller/tighter than what you’re usually used to wearing for street shoes, because they’re made from leather, so they’ll stretch out (sometimes quite a bit) after you wear them for a few times.
  • WiggDogg Productions YouTube Channel
    • High quality Latin dance videos on YouTube!

Boston Salsa DJs

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